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Pain Free Tips for Gardeners Part 2

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Today’s blog post is written by guest blogger, Judy Micek, OT at Athletico Bolingbrook.

Athletico continues to celebrate Occupational Therapy month by sharing more gardening tips for you to use this spring. Continue to enjoy time in the garden by using new tools or learning a new routine after gardening.

Getting in the dirt

  1. Wear gardening gloves – protect your hands from cuts and punctures that could lead to infection.
  2. Gardening4_Blog2Use tools with longer and larger handles or padded and curved handles to reduce stress on joints and avoid pressure to the median nerve in the palm of the hand.
  3. Use a knife or scissors to open packages
  4. Use garden carts or wheel barrows to transport heavy loads to save hand and back strain.
  5. Conserve energy by sitting or kneel in a half kneel position for better balance
  6. Use elevated pots if reaching the ground is painful or difficultGardening2_Blog2
  7. Bags of soil or fertilizer can be too heavy to lift; put small amounts in an easy to carry container to transport to your work location.
  8. Rotate tasks so not to strain joints; take breaks and drink water if you’re in the heat for a long time.
  9. Stretch open your fingers intermittently during prolonged grasping tasks.

After gardening

  1. Wash hands well to remove any contaminants
  2. Stretch out with a short walk and arm stretches
  3. Soak hands in cool water if joints feel stiff or sore
  4. A warm bath or shower may help prevent next-day soreness

Back pain, joint aches, muscle strain and fatigue can result with any new activity of over use. If you have problems that don’t clear up in a few days, follow up with your doctor or stop in at an Athletico clinic for a free complimentary injury screening.

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