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5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather

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For the avid runners who are determined to keep their mileage up despite colder temperatures, it’s time to get prepared. Running in colder temperatures is not a problem as long as you stay smart, healthy and alert. Read our 5 Tips for Running in Cold Weather below: 

  1. Monitor the weather.

    Check in with your favorite weather app before hitting the streets. Be aware of snowy, ice, sleeting conditions and dress appropriately for them. Be cautious of ice and dropping temperatures in particular as you head outdoors.

  2. Dress for the weather.

    Depending on the temperatures, most of the time, adding a few extra layers for protection is beneficial the colder it is. There are many great choices in running gear that can help keep you warm. Remember your hat, gloves and most importantly your reflective sash/belt, so that drivers can see you approaching. Also looking at your shoes and monitoring the miles put on them and when it is time for a change is a necessity for staying healthy. It is important to invest in a shoes that have less mesh on the top of them to keep your feet drier during the runs. Check out your local shoe store to see what is in season. Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?

  3. Before you head out, do an adequate warm up.

    Jogging around at home and doing your dynamic stretches will help you not tighten up as much outside and also it is always a little better braving the cold when you are warmer.

  4. When you return from your run, it is just as important to do your cool down.

    Remember the longer you wear your cold outfit the more it is going to affect your core temperature. Changing quickly after the run into something warmer and drier is important for you to stay healthy.

  5. Last, but certainly not least, stay hydrated.

    Many of us think because it is not as warm out anymore we do not have to drink as much water. The cold tricks us into thinking we are not as thirsty due to the drier temperatures and because we do not sweat as much. Remember to still drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Following these easy steps makes exercising in the cold a little more bearable. Stay warm and healthy as winter comes our way and enjoy what you love to do most!

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