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Stretch of the Week: Teres/Lat Stretch

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Week 2 of September is another lat stretch. But it can also get into the teres major and triceps a bit, so it’s a three for one! I just call this a Teres/Lat stretch.You will not need anything for this stretch. The only contraindication for this one is if you have frozen shoulder or can not lift the arm overhead, please refrain from doing it.

How to:

1. You can do this stretch seated or standing. Lift the left arm up overhead. Then bend the left elbow so that the palm of the left hand reaches down the back aiming between the shoulder blades. Place the right hand on the left elbow.

2. From this position you can gently assist the left elbow towards the right. Keep the chest lifted and try not to let the head drop forward. Also aim the shoulder blades towards the tail to keep them firm on your back. If you are very tight in the latissimus or the teres muscles you may already feel a stretch with this slight movement.

3. To deepen the stretch you may start to lean to the right with the upper body as shown in the left photo marked good alignment. Keep the pelvis level and the shoulder blades firm on the back. Try not to collapse in the right side as shown in the right photo marked bad alignment. Continue to keep the chest lifted and the head from dropping forward.

4. Stay here for 5-8 breath cycles then switch to the other side. That’s it! Short and simple yet effective!


stretch of the week - 2

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