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5 Benefits of Stretching Daily

5 Benefits of Stretching Daily

by Clinton Boone, PT, DPT, CMTPT/DNLeave a Comment

Stretching is an often overlooked yet vital component of any fitness routine or lifestyle routine. The truth is most of us are guilty of not stretching enough. Stretching increases muscle flexibility & length, which increases the range of motion of joints. Muscles that are not at the proper length prohibit the joints from moving as they should, leading to muscle damage, strains, and joint pain.

When patients are nearing the end of physical therapy, some will ask, “when can I stop doing these stretches?” In reality, we should all be stretching once per day, or at least a few times a week. Note: It is recommended to do a dynamic warm-up before activity and static stretch after activity.4 In an ideal world where free time is bountiful, we would all regularly stretch each day.

If you begin to make stretching a daily habit or at least dedicate a few days each week to stretch, besides increased flexibility, you may notice some great benefits.

1. Stretching can make daily activities feel easier

As you start to increase your muscle’s resting length, you should notice more range of motion in your joints. Ultimately, this allows your body to move more freely – with less restriction and pain.

2. Stretching can increase strength2

If you are able to contract your muscle through its full range of motion, you will be able to recruit more muscle fibers during exercise, and therefore more optimally build strength through resistance exercises.

3. Stretching can help decrease pain

Routine stretching can decrease the stiffness of the muscles and increase blood flow to the area. Stretching for certain areas may also improve posture, which can ultimately help reduce pain.

4. Stretching can make you aware of your own body

As you begin to stretch more regularly, you may notice tight, or even painful areas. These feelings can be expected the first few times going through a stretching routine. However, if the pain continues or worsens with regular stretching, it may be time to seek a physical therapist.

5. Stretching can be relaxing and relieve stress

Stretching can help promote increased blood flow throughout the body and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Reducing muscle tension with stretching can also help the whole body relax and feel more at ease. A 2013 randomized control trial revealed that workers who underwent a stretching routine at work showed reduced anxiety levels and overall better mental health.3

There is much debate about the optimal duration to hold a stretch. Thirty seconds seems to be widely accepted in much of the research, so this is the number I tell my patients. Three repetitions of these 30-second holds are my personal go-to. Also, try not to bounce, as this can lead to injury. Moreover, you do not have to stretch to maximum muscle length. Instead, try stretching to a medium-level hold (rated 6 out of 10, with 10 being the most intense stretch possible). A medium-level stretch reduces the risk of injury, discourages the body from “muscle guarding,” and simply feels better, making people more likely to stretch in the future. You can still increase your muscle length with a medium, sub-maximal stretch.

Although stretching is very beneficial, it will not fix your issues overnight. To see actual long-term benefits, you will need to remain consistent with stretching (3-7 days a week). It can take weeks or months to achieve the results you are looking for.

How Athletico Can Help

If you are unsure where to begin with your stretching routine, or feel pain as you start to stretch, one of our many nearby clinicians can offer a Free Assessment. Free Assessments are available in-clinic and virtually through our Telehealth platform.

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Clinton Boone is a physical therapist who enjoys treating various orthopedic conditions and vestibular disorders. Clint enjoys spending time with family, lifting weights, and running in his spare time – having just completed the Chicago Marathon in 2022. Clint works and lives in Manhattan, IL, and loves treating members of his local community. He can be reached at if you have any questions or comments.

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