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Identifying Common Injuries in the Weekend Warrior

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Weekend warriors are those that complete vigorous workouts and recreational activities on weekends with minimal physical activity during the rest of the week. Read More

Injury Prevention Tips for Moving Day

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Moving day is finally here! Whether you are moving apartments, bought a new home, are moving cities or to a new state, moving is exciting and nerve-racking but it does not have to be injury inducing. Many injuries that occur during moving happen quickly without warning. Here are some tips to protect your body from injury while you are moving into a new home: Read More

Offseason Training Tips for Cheerleaders

Posted on by Sarah Canciller
Once competition and tryout seasons are over, you may be thinking it is time to relax until next season… but this is incorrect! Offseason months are the perfect months to make sure you and your team are healthy and ready for a great season next year. Read More

Dads, Looking to Improve Your Golf Game?

Posted on by Athletico
Look no further… our Golf Performance Center has you covered! Read More

4 Weekday Prep Tips for the Weekend Warrior

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Weekend warriors are those that participate in higher levels of physical activity on the weekends with minimal activity performed during the week. In order to prevent injury, weekend warriors need to be aware of the risks their activity choices make on their bodies. Read More

Does Kinesio Tape Application Help Following Surgery?

Posted on by Erin Beecher
Following surgery, trauma to the tissues surrounding the surgical site is likely present, resulting in swelling and /or bruising. This can be a hindrance to the recovery and early phases of healing, as it can limit motion, increase pain, and – depending on body part/joint – affect walking and function.

Read More

Minimizing the Risk of Running Injuries with Strength Training

Posted on by Rebecca Weiner, PT, DPT, ASTYM certified
The days are longer and the weather is finally nicer, which means more people will be out running. Thinking about running that neighborhood 5k or half marathon this summer? When deciding between which training program to follow, make sure you don't forget to incorporate strength training. Strength training is believed to help with injury prevention in runners. Read More

Decreasing the Risk of Injuries for Weekend Warriors

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Who are the “Weekend Warriors?” Many people find themselves with little time during the week due to work, family, kids and the day-to-day grind. Therefore, workouts fall to the weekend days to cram in a full week of physical activity into two days. Read More
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