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Job Analysis and Post-Offer Testing

Focused on injury prevention, our pre-injury services such as Ergonomics are designed to work in a cost-effective and timely manner. Athletico incorporates an effective job analysis and post-offer testing system in order to obtain accurate job demand metrics.

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Job Analysis

With current injury trends in mind, Athletico’s clinicians help to prevent workplace injuries by analyzing a job’s worksite to determine its physical demands.

The job analysis system is based on the tenets of the Revised Handbook For Analyzing Jobs   (RHAJ), the official job analysis manual of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

Benefits of Job Analysis

  • Compliance with the official Department of Labor Analysis Techniques
  • Use of standard Department of Labor Nomenclature
  • Accurate job demand metrics for Offer of Alternative Employment
  • Defensible cut-points for Post-Offer, Pre-Placement Testing
  • Easy translation of data to State and Federal disability evaluation formats

Post-Offer Testing

Athletico Physical Therapy performs Post-Offer Testing to evaluate candidates for hire on their ability to safely perform the physical demands associated with the essential functions of the job offered to them.  Post-Offer Testing is an effective tool for reducing workers’ compensations costs by selecting workers who are physically qualified for the job duties.

Benefits of Post-Offer Testing

  • Comprehensive and effective means of injury prevention
  • Compliance with official Department of Labor analysis techniques and nomenclature.
  • Baseline information obtained to identify pre-existing conditions prior to employment
  • Third-party relationship developed to protect the employer from bias or discrimination claim

Cost Benefit Example

A company used Post-Offer employment testing 275 nurses with an acceptance of 94% (18 individuals failed the test).  After using a cost saving software, it was determined that the company saved $660.52 for every dollar spent on testing.

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