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Mental Health Benefits of Going for a Daily Walk

A Daily Walk is Worth Your Time

by Dawn Klos, ASTYM certLeave a Comment

How much time or distance would you need to achieve health benefits? Most research would suggest 30 minutes of walking can help you to achieve your health goals. Here are a few good reasons to schedule a daily walk.

  1. To improve circulation, heart rate, and lower blood pressure.
  2. Help to improve bone strength; our bodies require weight bearing and some force through them to decrease the risk of osteoporosis.
  3. Assist with losing weight by burning calories and decreasing BMI (body mass index).
  4. To improve your mental state. Exercise causes you to release endorphins which help lighten your mood. Walking outside in the sunlight gives you vitamin D that helps with your anxiety and energy.
  5. Help to strengthen your muscles. Your legs work hard while walking. If you add a gentle arm swing, your core engages as well.
  6. To improve cholesterol.

These are just a few notable benefits of getting out for a walk.

Setting a time out of your day to go on a daily walk can improve your well-being. A great way to adhere to a walking schedule is to walk with a buddy or group.
So, get out there and walk!

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