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Stretch of the Week: Seated Twist with Neck Stretch

Posted on by Athletico
For the third week of June we will be performing the Seated Twist with Neck Stretch. This stretch targets the muscles of the neck, between the ribs, and trunk. (more…)

Reducing Work Injuries in the Hotel Industry

Posted on by Athletico
Providing a great experience for guests is the goal of every hotel, but doing so is a team effort. In fact, a lot of people are responsible for a hotel guest’s smile – from the employees that are passed in the hallway to those that come and tidy up the rooms on a daily basis. Many of these employees can feel the work they do right down to their bones and joints. This is because musculoskeletal injuries in hotel employees is common, particularly among housekeepers. (more…)

10 Side Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Posted on by Lori Diamos
Our children do it at school, many of us do it at work, most of us do it while commuting, and too many of us also do it recreationally. What is that magic “it?”  If you guessed sitting then you hit the nail on the head. (more…)

Children’s Motor Milestones: Important Steps in Development

Posted on by Athletico
As a physical therapist that works with children, I educate my patient's family and caregivers on the importance of each and every motor milestone relevant to the child's age. Often, each milestone assists in the development of the following milestone.1 For example, before a child can crawl on hands and knees, they often develop the skill of moving forward in an army crawl position. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Neck Circles

Posted on by Athletico
June’s second stretch of the week is a range of motion movement for the neck called Neck Circles. This movement will stretch the neck in all directions, and also provide insight into your neck’s range of motion. (more…)

Debut Marathoner: 3 Ways to Prevent Training Injuries

Posted on by Athletico
Training for your first marathon can be a daunting task – not only do you have to build up your stamina, but you also have to do so while keeping your body healthy enough for the next training session. (more…)

3 Traits of a Successful Pitcher

Posted on by Paul Kohler, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Henry Chadwick is credited with creating the first baseball statistics in the late 1800’s.1 To gauge a batter’s success, he formulated the batting average (hits divided by at-bats), and for pitchers, the ERA (earned runs given up per 9 innings pitched). Today, with groups like and the Society for American Baseball Research, there are mind boggling ways to analyze and predict the performance of baseball players. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Self Neck Traction

Posted on by Athletico
The focus of June’s weekly stretches will be on the neck muscles. We have quite a few muscles, ranging from very tiny to very large, that attach into the neck area. If these muscles become tight they can cause a host of problems, from small headaches to more severe problems like tingling in the hands. Stretching the neck muscles can be a starting place to address these issues. (more…)
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