Baseline Testing

A baseline test with Athletico Physical Therapy, is similar to an insurance plan. You insure your car or other valuables to protect yourself should damage occur. The same can be said for your head, a baseline test is insurance. Should you, an athlete, worker or loved one sustain a head injury, a baseline test is used as a resource to return the concussed brain back to the baseline state. Use your head and test your brain on an annual basis.

Athletico Physical Therapy Baseline Concussion Tests

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– FDA cleared for 12 years of age and older

– Available at the following Athletico clinics:



– Test occurs before injury
– Test is on record for two years
– Measures verbal and visual memory, and reaction time

A Step aHead
– ImPACT testing available for AHAI members

– Ages 11-18

– Registration available July 2018 – November 2018

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