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Stretch of the Week: Wrists and Forearms

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

Is it August already!? My goodness I can’t believe it! How has you’re summer been so far? Have you been keeping up with stretching your body while you do all these fun activities outdoors!? I hope so 🙂 Lets add some more stretches to what you’ve already been doing.

This month we are stretching out the wrists and forearms! So many of us overuse our hands and arms doing repetitive motions everyday, which can lead to tennis elbow or golfers elbow. Maybe you’ve heard of tendinitis? Maybe you actually have had one of these diagnosis’s yourself. It’s not a pleasant thing to experience and it can last several months or even years if you don’t address it. The stretches provided throughout this month are simple and effective and should be easy to make time for. It will help treat these ailments mentioned above, and also keep those muscles from developing the dreaded it is if you don’t have it!

This first weeks stretch is an extension movement. You will not need any props for this one.

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Stretch of the Week: Revolved Triangle

Posted on by allylofgren

I can’t believe it’s the final week of July already! This weeks stretch is a yoga posture called Revolved Triangle. It is a great upper body twist as well as a stretch for the Lateral side of the leg.

You will need some wall space as well as a yoga block (or something similar) for this stretch. Contraindications for this stretch are if you’re experiencing any of the following; Low blood pressure, Migraine, Diarrhea, Headache, and Insomnia please don’t do the stretch.

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Stretch of the Week: Half Splits IT Band Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren

Stretch of the Week: Half Splits IT Band Stretch

Week 3 of July is something I call Half Splits IT band stretch. Don’t let the name scare you off! We won’t be doing the splits….exactly; just a variation that will target the outside leg muscles. So give it a try!  Read More

Stretch of the Week: Big Toe Grab Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren

For the month of July, we will focus on “IT Band” Stretches. I use quotations because the IT band is not really a muscle, it’s a connective tissue. The muscle that really gets the benefit of these stretches is mostly the vastus lateralis. In most cases if you have an outer knee issue or “tight IT Band” it’s coming from this lateral(outer) quadricep muscle. Sometimes it’s the biceps femoris, that’s the lateral(outer) hamstring on the back of the thigh, as well. So if your having generalized IT band issues those are the muscles to focus on. And these stretches should help! Read More

Stretch of the Week: Forward Fold IT Band Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren

Stretch of the week: Forward Fold IT Band Stretch. This stretch is simple but very effective. You won’t need anything for this stretch.

The only contradiction for this stretch would be if you have low back pain. Be conscious of how your body feels and please don’t overly push yourself in the stretch.

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Stretch of the Week: Self Massage for the Neck

Posted on by allylofgren

Week 3 of June brings us to a traction technique and self massage for the neck. Please use caution as always. If you have severe neck problems I would not recommend you do this one.  Read More

Stretch of the Week: Assisted Neck Twist

Posted on by allylofgren

Week 2 of June is here already! This year is flying by right!? This weeks stretch is an assisted neck twist. If you have neck issues you may still want to give this one a try because it’s gentle and may even help your range of motion. Especially if you have trouble looking over your shoulder.  Read More

Stretch of the Week: Lateral Neck Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren

For the month of June we will address our cervical vertebrae! There will be five weeks in June so I will be giving you some self massage techniques for the neck too, yay! As always if you have injuries please be cautious and only do what feels good. If you have stiffness in the neck these will be great ones for you!  Read More

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