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Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report 2018: Week 3

Posted on by Athletico
Player injuries are starting to have an impact on fantasy football teams as we head into week 3 of the 2018 football season. (more…)

Cardinals Fans: Stay in the Game by Testing Your Stretching Knowledge

Posted on by Athletico
As baseball season begins, Cardinals fans need to ensure that they can cheer on their team in comfort. Do you know the best stretches to keep you, as a fan, “in the game?” Test your knowledge with these Fredbird stretches! [wp_quiz_pro id="49778"]

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report 2018: Week 2

Posted on by Athletico
As we head into week 2 of the 2018 football season, many fantasy football players are looking to fill holes in their roster caused by injuries and poor performances in week 1. (more…)

US Soccer: U-18 MNT at the Vaclav Jezek International Tournament

Posted on by Athletico
Athletico Athletic Trainer Tyler recently had the opportunity to join the U-18 Men’s National Soccer Team (MNT) on their trip to the Czech Republic for the 25th Annual Vaclav Jezek International Tournament. Below he outlines the experience of his trip: (more…)

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report 2018: Week 1

Posted on by Athletico
The 2018 football season begins tonight, but there is still time for fantasy football players to make adjustments to their lineups before kickoff. (more…)

Physical Therapy without a Prescription? Your Questions Answered.

Posted on by Athletico

What is Direct Access?

While some states have some restrictions around access to physical therapy services requiring patients to see a physician and get a prescription before seeing a physical therapist for treatment, this is not generally a requirement for many states that have direct access laws. These laws give patients direct access to skilled physical therapy without the need for a referral or prescription from their doctor before starting treatment, under most circumstances. This allows patients to start physical therapy treatment sooner to reduce pain, increase mobility and improve their overall function. (more…)

Concussions: How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Concussions have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, mostly negative attention. It is true that in an ideal world, no one would suffer a concussion. However, life happens. Concussions are thought of as only occurring with a blow to the head which, in reality, is only one way that they can happen. (more…)

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report: 2018 Draft Update

Posted on by Athletico
As we approach the last preseason games of 2018, some Fantasy Football players are still preparing to draft their team ahead of the start of week 1, which begins on September 6th. (more…)
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