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COVID-19 recovery and rehabilitation for patients

Helping Patients Return to the Life They Knew

According to Critical Care Medicine at John Hopkins, every day of bed rest in the ICU lowers muscle strength between 3 to 11 percent over the following months and even years.1 Patients don’t have to experience a hospital stay to suffer consequences of the COVID-19 virus. Physical complications after COVID-19 can include impairments in muscle strength, cardiopulmonary function, pain, ambulation, and endurance leading to a functional decline.

As a leader in Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation, Athletico offers treatment for patients recovering from COVID-19 to help them through the physical challenges that can occur from the virus and get them back to their prior level of function.

How We Can Help with COVID-19 Rehabilitation

In order for a patient recovering from COVID-19 to be treated in our clinics or in their home, the patient must first have medical clearance and must pass Athletico’s patient screening protocol. The patient must also pass the CDC guidelines for persons with COVID-19 under isolation or for persons who have not had COVID-19 symptoms but tested positive and are under isolation.

In order for a recovering COVID-19 patient to be treated via telehealth, the patient must first have medical clearance and pass the CDC guidelines for persons with COVID-19 under isolation or for persons who have not had COVID-19 symptoms but tested positive and are under isolation.

After medical clearance, each patient is assessed, and an individualized treatment plan is created. Every clinic is equipped with a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen saturation levels and ensure safe ranges are maintained during exercise. For patients recovering from COVID-19 treatment can include:

  • Exercise Training
    • Ventilatory muscle strengthening
    • Upper and lower body strengthening
    • Aerobic exercise
    • Stretching
    • Balance and proprioception
    • Functional simulation
  • Education
    • Relaxation / panic control
    • Energy conservation
    • Graded exercise progression
  • Manual Therapy
    • Thoracic or chest wall mobility
    • Ventilatory muscle stretching
    • Diaphragmatic stretching / release
  • Breathing control / retraining
  • Body positioning training
  • Screening for psychosocial comorbidities that frequently coincide with fatigue symptoms

Why You Should Prescribe Athletico Physical Therapy for Patients Recovering from COVID-19

  • We have highly skilled clinicians trained in rehabilitating patients with COVID-19
  • We adhere to clinical practice guidelines to improve outcomes
  • We co-manage patients so you can oversee your patient’s advancement through a detailed initial evaluation, appointments, progress notes and discharge summary
  • We have high patient satisfaction – 98% of Athletico patients would recommend us to their family and friends
  • We schedule evaluations within 24-48 hours of referral
  • We have flexible hours that allow for early morning, evening and Saturday appointments
  • We have telehealth appointments available

If you have a patient recovering from COVID-19 that is experiencing fatigue and a loss of function due to the virus, refer them to Athletico to be seen in-clinic, within the home or virtually through our telehealth platform.

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Fan et al. (2014) Physical Complications in Acute Lung Injury Survivors: A Two-Year Longitudinal Prospective Study. Critical Care Magazine. John Hopkins University 42(4)

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