4 tips to stay healthy while holiday shopping 4 tips to stay healthy while holiday shopping 4 tips to stay healthy while holiday shopping

4 Tips to Stay Healthy While Holiday Shopping

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The Holiday season is in full swing, which means that the stores will be busy with shoppers through the New Year.

Although you might luck out with some great deals on gifts when hitting the stores, you could also be putting your body at risk for injury. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent these injuries from occurring. Read below for four tips to stay injury-free this holiday shopping season:

1. Plan it Out

You can never be too prepared for a shopping trip! Maximize your chance for deals by planning out what shops you want to hit. Also don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle along so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Pre-Shopping Stretches

Make sure to get your body ready for a long day of shopping before heading out the door. Try warming up with calf stretches, rotational stretches (twisting from back to front) and deep breathing exercises. For a robust list of stretches, check out Athletico’s Stretch of the Week blogs. In the meantime, here are a few stretches to get you started:
Seated Twist with Neck Stretch
Easy Seated Twist
Hamstring Extend and Release Stretch

3. Make the Most out of Waiting in Line

There are lots of lines when shopping for the holidays, from waiting to get into a store to waiting to actually check out. Make the most of your time in line by paying attention to your posture and by performing inconspicuous exercises like calf raises, neck stretches and small squats.

4. Be Careful of Heavy Bags

Don’t let your deals weigh you down and cause a back injury. Try to balance the load by carrying bags on both arms. If the bags start to get too heavy, don’t hesitate to grab a cart or drop them off at your car if possible.

Sore After Shopping?

If a long day of shopping has left you sore with lingering aches and pains, make sure to schedule a free assessment at your nearest Athletico location. Our clinicians will work to help get you better so you can start the New Year injury free.

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