athletico physical therapy student webinar series

Student Webinar Series:

Topic: Defining Your Personal Brand

Everything you do either strengthens or weakens your personal brand you are trying to create. Listen in for an in-depth discussion on how and why it’s important to define your personal brand. We discuss networking tips and tricks, how to positively leverage your online social media presence, and how to make a lasting impression in your industry and at your organization.

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Topic: Career Considerations

Your career has a big impact on your future. What should you consider in an organization as you launch your career? Check out our discussion on important career considerations including assessing organizational culture, how to pick a setting that is right for you, and how to evaluate corporate benefits that align with your personal values.

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Topic: Mentorship

While in school, faculty and cohorts are strong support systems in your career and skill development. Post-graduation, professional mentors serve a vital role in supporting career development and assisting new graduates transitioning from the classroom to the workforce. Check out our in-depth discussion on the importance of clinical mentorship, types of mentorship, and what to look for in a mentor program.

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