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Our commitment to our core values is evident within the varying rehabilitation and outreach programs. With a wide range of programs and services, clinicians can find their niche, pursue their professional interests, improve their skills, customize their career path, and learn from others’ shared interests. Each program began with an individual or group who shared a common passion for a specific diagnosis or patient population. From the onset, our management team sought to support those passions to help each individual pursue lifelong learning through personal development, interactions with coworkers, and educational opportunities. Our educational continuum allows employees to go from entry-level practitioners to master clinicians.

Our programs include the following:

Specialty Techniques

In addition to our Clinical Programs our clinicians can participate in various services for our patients. They also can be certified in multiple techniques and skills. Below are some of the techniques used by our therapists and the services we offer.

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Athletico has physical therapists, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers who participate in these programs. These program members are active participants in learning the skills they need to provide exceptional care to each patient. By attending program meetings and continuing education seminars, participating in competency skill checks, and through peer learning, these program members have developed personally and professionally. The members learn about new ideas/technology and current methods and look to cultivate continuous improvement in all facets of their profession.

The outreach program participants have supported their profession by giving their time and expertise within the communities we serve. Whether it be a lecture, offsite stretching, or being a part of a rehearsal, performance or event, the service has been instrumental in keeping dancers dancing, gymnasts performing, cheerleaders cheering and endurance athletes doing the things they love.

Program Participant Experiences

“As a runner, I love to go to local high schools or races and share with runners how they can prevent injury as well as help them get back on the road so they can keep doing what they love. My other peers in the program have helped provide new/additional ways to treat and assess runners, as well as analyze their gait. I have found video gait analysis to be extremely beneficial in my practice by seeing the small  occurring while one is running.”
Dorothy Cohee, PT, Endurance Program Participant

“I enjoy going to the Gym/Cheer program meetings because it allows me to discuss creative treatment options and expectations for a specific population of patients and gives exceptional and unique care to my patients. The program gives me a resource group to interact with consistently to assist with developing my treatment skills, manual skills, and any diagnostic questions I may have.”
Elisa Suchy, PT, Gymnastics and Cheerleading Program Participant

“I have loved being part of the Pediatric program. It gives me a chance to bounce ideas off of other members – new and veterans. I always have someone to chat with, even for a double check. It helps to know that I am thinking along the right lines or the same as someone else! It is also a great learning experience at meetings to see what is new, what other clinicians are doing, and what experiences others have had. Most of us have had interactions in varying Pediatric settings. We each have different skill sets to bring to the table, which is nice.”
Pauline Terada, PT, Pediatric Program Participant

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