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Created From Within

We fully recognize that people are our most important asset. Our success depends entirely on the strength of our talented employees and leaders, which we build from within and manage with a disciplined process led.

Our approach to developing leaders at Athletico is simple—we incorporate the best evidence-based training from the Harvard Business Review as well as address the individual consciousness and strengths of each leader.

Athletico’s Purpose and Values

Our purpose and values are the foundation on which we develop leaders. Our shared purpose—to help people enhance their health and quality of life—in addition to our values—patient satisfaction, accountability, teamwork and continuous improvement—unify us as we collaborate as a team internally and sustain us as we engage in our service externally. Taken together, our purpose and values are the foundation for our unique culture and leadership approach.

We Hire the Best

Through a strategic, quality driven hiring experience that establishes first the alignment of the candidate with the companies’ core values, followed by a “best fit” process, Athletico consistently attracts top talent from across the nation because of our reputation for clinical excellence. Subsequently, our future leaders are able to be prepared from the early stages of their career and developed throughout their professional life.

We Develop and Engage Our Team

We believe there’s no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to leadership development. That’s why we create early, meaningful responsibilities for every employee. Typical assignments demand collaboration inside and outside the organization, which allow project management and the need to be in touch with current healthcare trends and operations.

Our Signature Leadership Development Programs

Emerging Leaders Program

Leadership Essentials

CM & RD Seminar

Advanced Leadership Development program


Individual contributors aspiring to be people leaders. People managers early in a management role or looking to gain additional skills and knowledge in people leadership. Clinic Managers and Regional Directors new to their role. Programs provide tactical leadership presence in an operational context. Senior leaders aspiring to move into an executive level role.

Leadership Pathway

Leading self Team leader/Leading Processes or Teams Leading Leaders Leading Athletico

Each program focuses on the behaviors and actions outlined in our competency framework. Employees enrolled in these leadership programs can expect to learn through on the job application activities, group coaching, eLearning, and self-assessments. This is our commitment to setting our employees up for success early in their careers and providing leadership development at each level of development to prepare new and seasoned leaders to confidently step into any leadership role.

Career Opportunities

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