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A man’s body changes year over year, requiring him to obtain new knowledge towards his health and wellness. This is exactly why we offer Men’s Health Therapy services – to help men achieve optimal health, no matter what stage of life. We are devoted to men’s health, starting with a select group of physical therapists who have received specialized training in the treatment of health issues related to men. As a men’s health patient, you will receive one-on-one treatment with a specialized men’s health therapist, in a private, comfortable setting. Whether treatment is preventative or restorative, we have the men’s health experts you can trust.

Our Men’s Health Therapists specialize in the following conditions and treatment options:

Colorectal Conditions

Treatments include decreasing muscle tightness and tone of pelvic floor, hips or surrounding pelvic musculature, increasing strength, stability and endurance of the core, transverse abdominals, hips muscles and pelvic floor, soft tissue massage of pelvic floor, hips, surrounding pelvic musculature, down training and autonomic quieting, dietary modifications, exercise/walking/mobility program and a home exercise program.

Male Pelvic Health/Pain

Treatments include stretching, soft tissue massage to the abdominals, hips, pelvic floor, decreasing tone of pelvic floor muscles, improving muscles balance and synergy of the pelvic floor and abdominals, down training and autonomic quieting, biofeedback training, posture and spinal/pelvic alignment, functional activities of daily living alternatives and a home exercise program. All of these treatments can help improve pelvic symptoms of: pain, discomfort, incontinence, weakness, erectile dysfunction.

Male Athlete

Male athletes of all ages may experience orthopedic injuries (ACL, Groin pain, Hip Labrum, ankle sprains, low back pain). We will assess your individual Male biomechanics to best address any stability/mobility deficits and enhance sports performance, as well as return to sport/play.


Treatment includes increasing strength, stability, endurance and synergy of the pelvic floor, abdominals and hips, biofeedback training, functional strengthening activities, functional exercises and a home exercise program. We can also provide a pre-surgical assessment to prepare you for surgery which will help post-surgical recovery.

Learn more about your symptoms by taking Athletico’s Pelvic Health Quiz and speak with a Men’s Health Specialist! 

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