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video gait and running analysis

Make Your Goals a Reality

Whether you are looking to set a new personal record or simply get started, we have Video Gait & Running Analysis professionals to assist you in optimizing your running form and preparing your body for the thrill of running, bringing you one step closer to making your goals a reality.

Why Video Gait & Running Analysis Works

In addition to the expertise of a highly trained staff member, we also use video analysis software to make assessments of your running style.  The software highlights biomechanical patterns with angles, measurements, and drawing shapes for precise feedback.  This allows our staff to make a powerful and objective gait and biomechanical analysis, which is easily communicated through high quality video footage.

Video analysis software will provide the following for optimal running efficiency:

  • Slow-Motion Video Analysis
  • Frame-By-Frame Video Analysis
  • Joint Angle Analysis
  • Multi-Angle Video Gait & Running Analysis

At the end of your Video Gait & Running Analysis session, you will receive individualized comments and images of your running gait along with helpful tips, exercises, and critiques to help maximize your running performance.

Other beneficial services for endurance athletes:

To learn more about Video Gait & Running Analysis from an Athletico physical therapist, request an appointment at an Athletico near you!

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