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Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report: Week 1

Posted on by Athletico
There's still time for Fantasy Football players to make adjustments to their lineups before the 2017 NFL season begins tonight. To ease the decision process for those adjusting their lineups, we are highlighting tips all season long from Athletico’s Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT. These tips are put together to create the Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report, which is a weekly roundup that sheds light on notable injuries throughout the league. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Half Fold Traction

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
Welcome to September’s weekly stretch blog. In the three years since this blog started, we have done most every stretch imaginable. This includes everything but the kitchen sink – until now. That's right, this month’s stretches will focus on using the kitchen sink! Why you might ask? The kitchen sink provides stability, as well as traction for these stretches. Using props is a great way to facilitate optimal stretch! Read More

Tips to Help Student Athletes Reach Peak Performance

Posted on by Athletico
The Fall sport season is right around the corner! With the start of a new school year and a new sports team, the beginning of the season can be tough. Regardless of what sport is being played, there are many factors that can help student athletes have a great tryout and season, including the four tips outlined below. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Half Moon Arm Circles

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
For the final week of August’s dynamic stretching, we will be performing Half Moon Arm Circles. The name is derived from yoga, as the first stage is the Half Moon Pose. You will feel this stretch in the sides of the body, and it will also go through the range of motion of the arm. Read More

You Can’t Actually “Slip” a Disc

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
We’ve all heard it, someone we know has “slipped a disc” in their back. However, slipping a disc is actually not possible. The vertebral discs between each vertebrae cannot slip out. So what is actually happening when someone “slips” a disc? Read More

Stretch of the Week: Hamstring Extend and Release Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
For the fourth week of August's dynamic stretching, we will be performing the Hamstring Extend and Release Stretch. This stretch is very similar to week three, but will only focus on stretching of the hamstrings and calf muscles. Read More

US Soccer: U-17 MNT Training Camp in Atlanta

Posted on by Barrett Jones
The U-17 Men’s National Team (MNT) came together for a training camp this summer in Atlanta, GA. This is the first time the team assembled since the conclusion of the U.S. Soccer residency program at IMG in May. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Lunge to Half Splits

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
For the third week of our dynamic stretching month, we will be performing the Lunge to Half Splits Stretch. This will stretch the hamstrings as well as the quadriceps muscles. Read More
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