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3 Ways Dogs Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted on by Athletico
There is no doubt that dogs have earned their label as man’s best friend. In addition to being loyal and lovable companions, dogs have the ability to improve the health and overall well-being of their owners. From increasing activity levels to reducing stress, read below to discover how owning a dog can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Biceps Self-Massage

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
Since there are five weeks in March, I am providing you with a biceps self-massage technique for this last week! Read More

Understanding the 3 Phases of Muscle Healing

Posted on by Brian Whittington
Muscle mass accounts for 40-45 percent of total body weight,1 which makes it no surprise that muscle injuries can account for anywhere between 10-55 percent of all sustained sports injuries.2 With such a prevalence of muscle-related injuries, it’s important to understand how muscles heal, which includes three phases: Destruction, Repair and Remodeling.2 Read More

When Should You See Your Athletic Trainer?

Posted on by Haley Overton
Many athletes are familiar with the athletic trainers on their teams. These healthcare professionals are responsible for the prevention, rehabilitation and emergency care of musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses that impact people on the teams they work with. Read More

Stretch of the Week: The Rack

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
The fourth week of March brings us to a stretch called “The Rack.” Although it may sound a little daunting, it's actually an easy and wonderful stretch! Read More

US Soccer: Traveling with the U-17 MNT to Honduras

Posted on by Tyler Harris
Athletico Athletic Trainer Tyler Harris had the opportunity to travel with the U-17 Men’s National Team (MNT) to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from February 24th - March 3rd. This was the team’s last international trip before World Cup qualifying begins in Panama this April. Read More

5 Ways Athletic Trainers are Like Superheroes

Posted on by Abby Miller
Look out on the field! It’s a bird, it’s a plane... no, it’s an Athletic Trainer! Okay, so maybe athletic trainers (ATs) can't fly, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have super powers! Just as Superman and Batman use their skills to save the day, ATs use their skills to protect and care for the athletes they work with. When someone is in trouble, ATs leap into immediate action. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Arm Extension Bicep Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
The third week of March is an Arm Extension Bicep Stretch. With this stretch, the arm will perform a backward reaching movement that you will feel in the top of the biceps, the chest and maybe a little into the forearm. Read More
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