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Stretch of the Week: Hamstring Stretch and Massage

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
For the final week of November we will learn a hamstring stretch and massage with the foam roller. You may also feel a stretch through the chest muscles. Read More

6 Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Posted on by Athletico
An estimated 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day according to research from the American College of Sports Medicine. Read More

What to Know about the Male Pelvic Floor

Posted on by Brett Wapotish
At a recent patient evaluation, I read a prescription that stated the patient needed physical therapy for his “pubic floor.” I asked the patient if he meant pelvic floor and he confirmed that was what his wife had told him. This basically sums up how we as men view our pelvic floor, we are not cognizant it exists. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Figure 4 Foam Rolling Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
Thanksgiving week’s stretch of the week is called the Figure 4 Foam Rolling stretch, which is a hip stretch that also massages the piriformis and gluteal muscles along the backside of the hip. Plus, you may also feel a stretch through the chest. Read More

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report: Week 12

Posted on by Athletico
Don’t forget to make adjustments to your Fantasy Football starting lineup before gobbling up turkey and watching football this Thanksgiving. As Week 12 of the NFL season begins, most Fantasy Football leagues are gearing up for the playoffs. To help Fantasy owners shape up their lineups before the playoffs start, Athletico’s Athletic Trainer Jacob Dailey is offering insights into some of the player injuries impacting the league. These insights are put together to form the Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report. Read More

The Follow Up: Crafting a Great Thank-You Note

Posted on by Caitlin Kirchner
The thank-you note is an important piece of correspondence that can help set you apart from other candidates during the job search process. To send a thank-you note after your interview, you must remember to gather the names and contact information for each person you meet during the interview. Once you have this information you can start writing. Read below for some tips on how to craft a great thank-you note. Read More

Cheerleading: Fact vs. Fiction

Posted on by Sarah Canciller
Cheerleading is rising in popularity and its composition has changed significantly over the decades. Despite its popularity, there are still many things people don’t know about cheerleading. While some wonder if cheerleading is even a sport, others wonder if it could actually be the most dangerous sport. To help answer some of these questions, we are separating the cheerleading facts from fiction below: Read More

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report: Week 11

Posted on by Athletico
We are entering Week 11 of the NFL season, which means that the playoffs are just a couple of weeks away for many Fantasy Football leagues. Throughout this football season, Athletico’s Athletic Trainer Jacob Dailey has been offering insights into notable player injuries in order to help Fantasy players make decisions about their starting lineups. These insights, dubbed the Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report, provide a roundup of some of the top injuries impacting teams around the league. Read More
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