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Stretch of the Week: The Triangle Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren | 1 Comment

It’s the third week of April, I can’t believe it! How are you doing? Do you feel more limber in the ribs, the spine, and the obliques? I hope so! This week is a favorite of mine called the Triangle Stretch. This is a good stretch¬†for strengthening the legs too! ūüôā ¬†There are no major contraindications for this because we will be using the wall to support ourselves. Please listen and feel what your body is telling you, and only go as far as you comfortably can. (more…)

How Do I Get Rid of This Hip and Back Pain?

Posted on by Stacy Koenigs | 3 Comments

Are you experiencing pain towards the¬†back of your hip or on one side of your lower back? Perhaps you fell onto one buttock¬†or¬†maybe you stepped off a curb or missed a¬†last step and landed, hard, on one leg. You might just have pain in this area but don‚Äôt know the cause. What you should know is Physical Therapy can help! For pain that occurs with walking, prolonged sitting or standing, bending forward, standing up from a sitting position or climbing stairs, our physical therapists are here to help. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Gate Pose

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

Week two of April is upon us! This weeks side opener is from the yoga world. It’s called “Gate Pose.” You will feel this stretch¬†all the way down into the hip flexors (front of the hip), and all the way up through the hand. Please stretch using¬†the modified version if you have any groin, feet, or ankle issues.¬† (more…)

5 Upper Extremity Overuse Injuries in Growing Athletes

Posted on by Sarah Clough | Leave a Comment

Young athletes today are often practicing three to four hours a day, four to five times per week.¬† Weekends are often spent competing hours at a time. As intensity of sport participation has increased so has the injury level of the upper extremities.¬†Understanding that kids are not little adults and respecting the growing body is key to staying in the game. The good news is that focus on how to prevent overuse injury in sports for growing athletes is also on the rise. Listed below are 5 common upper extremity overuse injuries in young athletes and ways to help prevent these injuries. (more…)

Get in the Swing of Things: It’s Almost Golf Season

Posted on by Athletico | 1 Comment

After a cold, snowy, and record-setting winter in Chicago, believe it or not, golf is just around the corner. Now that the snow melted, temperatures are increasing, and grass is growing, divots will be flying on the golf course. The last thing you want this¬†season is to be¬†sidelined because of an injury after being sidelined for¬†by the weather.¬† Golf is a dynamic, athletic movement that entails neurological and musculoskeletal components. In order for you to return to mid-season form, you must take care of the most important aspect of your game: your body. (more…)

Are Meniscal Injuries the New ACL Injury?

Posted on by Dave Heidloff | Leave a Comment

Knee injuries are back in the news. With recent injuries to high profile players, water cooler chat is shifting from ACL injuries to meniscal injuries. If you want to be the resident sports medicine expert in the office, keep reading for a brief overview of meniscal tears and what they mean for athletes. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Lunge Twist

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

The last week of March¬†and the¬†first week of April brings us to the final twist of the month. This is a stretch we did¬†in¬†December, but with a twist, the lunge twist! Feel free to take a look back through our archive and check out the low/high lunge there. Or any of the other stretches posted since the beginning!¬† (more…)

Using Heat or Ice to Treat Injuries

Posted on by Dorothy Cohee | 2 Comments

Athletes are often recommended by medical professionals¬†to use a method like ice or heat for injuries. But they may be told by a friend to use which ever one feels better. So¬†how do you know when to use heat or ice to treat injuries? (more…)

Using Heat or Ice to Treat Endurance Injuries

Posted on by Brian Reuhl | Comments Off on Using Heat or Ice to Treat Endurance Injuries
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Stretch of the Week: Supine Twist

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

It’s the fourth week of March and we are still going strong with the twist stretches! This week is a supine twist, a twist done while on your back. If you can not get all the way to the floor, you can do this one on the bed! It’s actually a great one to do first thing when you wake up, or last thing you do before you go to sleep, so the bed is a perfect spot:)¬† (more…)

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