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A Brief Overview of Dupuytren’s Disease

Posted on by Rose McAndrew | Leave a Comment

We take for granted our body’s ability to heal itself by laying down scar tissue.  When we have a paper cut, we can simply clean the wound and a week later, there is little evidence of the original injury, as our body creates and lays down connective tissue to close the wound.  (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Side Lunge

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski | Leave a Comment

The final week of February brings us to the Side Lunge stretch. Please warm up with all the previous weeks stretches for February before performing this one. (more…)

The “Secrets” to Being Happy

Posted on by Valerie Odea | Leave a Comment

Wouldn’t it be great to always be happy? Do you know people who always seem to be joyful? Do you want to be like that too? Is there a secret or magic formula to being happy? (more…)

Fitness Level and Injuries – Lower Back

Posted on by Michelle Helberg | 1 Comment

With a new year comes a new you! Many people are working towards their fitness goals at this point in the year, whether it be training for their first 5k or just trying to have a better feeling of self. Unfortunately this is not only when the mind can become a little weak but so can the body. (more…)

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Do knee braces or sleeves work for knee osteoarthritis?

Posted on by Dan Czajkowski | Leave a Comment

Knee osteoarthritis (breakdown of articular cartilage along the joint surfaces) is rampant in the aging population. Some statistics show nearly 1 in 2 people may develop symptomatic knee osteoarthritis by age 85 years (1). These are odds are not good! (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Standing Big Toe Grab

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski | Leave a Comment

As we move into week three of February, let’s assess how you’re feeling. Go ahead and do the first two weeks exercises for your warm up. Notice if you feel less stiffness through the inner thighs. It is always good to check in with the body daily which can help determine how much stretching to do. (more…)

Hip and Knee Joint Replacements: Common Questions Answered

Posted on by Amanda DiGangi | Leave a Comment

Replacements of the Hip and Knee are perhaps the most common joint replacements seen in our society. There are many reasons patients end up having these elective surgeries. (more…)

How Swimming Can Help Improve Your Health

Posted on by Brian Whittington | 9 Comments

Swimming continues to grow in popularity as one of the aerobic exercises of choice. With as little as 2.5 hours of swimming a week you can significantly decrease your risk of chronic illnesses. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Revolved Head of the Knee

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski | Leave a Comment

Welcome back for week two of February! This weekly inner thigh stretch is called Revolved Head of the Knee. It simultaneously targets the inner thigh musculature in both straight and bent leg positions. In addition, this exercise also stretches the side of the body. (more…)

Medical Missions: A Painful Truth

Posted on by Amanda DiGangi | 1 Comment

Typical Medical Mission: There are many types of medical mission trips, through many different organizations, traveling to countries without access to medical professionals. There are organizations that rally volunteers which are most often students, current and/or retired medical professionals, and likely others just trying to make a difference or beef up their resumes. (more…)

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