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Year End Yard Maintenance: Don’t Let It Get You Down

Posted on by Emily Helton | 1 Comment

The air is getting colder, the holidays are approaching, and the leaves (or snowflakes) are falling! In the days and weeks leading up to the holiday season, most people inevitably find themselves outside in their yards either raking or shoveling snow. Raking or shoveling can be the most strenuous of household tasks and you should take proper precautions in order to avoid back strains and other injuries. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Partner Stretch for the Shins

Posted on by allylofgren | 2 Comments

The final week of November brings us to a partner stretch for the shins. It’s a great segue into December where we will be doing partner stretches the entire month! So stay tuned!

You will only need another person for this stretch. Any friend, family member, or acquaintance will do 🙂 (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Hero’s Pose in Yoga

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

The third week of November brings us to a stretch called hero’s pose in yoga. We have visited this stretch before but today we will focus on the shin and front ankle.  (more…)

Cold and Flu is NOT a season

Posted on by Candice Reimholz | 1 Comment

We all know that we are more likely to get sick between October and February but do we know why? Can we blame it on the cooler temps? We call it Cold and Flu season but the last time I checked there were only four seasons and ‘Cold and Flu’ is not one of them. So what gives? Here are four reasons we are more likely to get sick in the winter (AND, what you can do about it):


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Stretch of the Week: Straight Legged Low Lunge

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

Week 2 of November is a straight legged low lunge with an added extension of the foot for a shin stretch. It sounds complicated but I promise it’s pretty simple! 🙂

You will need two yoga blocks (or something similarly sturdy) and a blanket for cushion.

The contraindications for this stretch are if you have severe knee problems or have trouble getting to the floor, then please do not attempt the stretch. (more…)

Hockey Training Tip: Off-Ice Balance Training

Posted on by Steve Chmielewski | 2 Comments

Lower extremity strength training is a priority when considering a comprehensive training program for youth hockey players. Most coaches consider dynamic stretching, functional strengthening and plyometric training to be enough. However in a sport where agility and balance are essential it is important to consider how players can improve these components off the ice. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Standing Shin Stretch

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

Hello! Welcome to November’s weekly stretch. This month we will be focusing on our shins. For those of you that have ever experienced shin splints, this month is for you! Our shin and calf muscles connect down into our feet, so these stretches will also help to keep your feet healthy!

The first week is a standing shin stretch. You will need a wall for assistance. The only contraindication is if your ankle is injured, please don’t do the stretch.


Physical Therapy Fun Facts

Posted on by Lori Diamos | 6 Comments

October is National Physical Therapy Month.

In honor of physical therapy month here are some physical therapy fun facts that you may not have been aware of.

Did you know?:


5 Ways to Improve Your Home Exercise Program Compliance

Posted on by Dave Heidloff | 2 Comments

The home exercise program is the elephant in the room at a lot of physical therapy sessions. A lot of people simply don’t like doing their exercises during their free time. Trust me. I understand the liberating feeling of just going to a clinic dedicated to physical therapy, mentally checking out and being told what to do to improve. While this will work, you won’t be getting the most out of your rehab with this mindset. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Forward Fold and Chest Opener

Posted on by allylofgren | Leave a Comment

The final stretch in our mini sequence of chair stretching is a forward fold AND a chest opener. I love two for ones! 🙂

The only contraindication for this stretch would be if you have a shoulder injury. I will give you a modification for the shoulder opening part or just don’t perform that part of the stretch.

You will need a chair for this stretch. If it’s a rolling chair please make sure the wheels are locked or you will fall off the chair.


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