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When coming to Athletico Physical Therapy for Sproing Training, one of our skilled endurance professionals will perform a comprehensive evaluation to enhance your workout to accomplish the goals of each individual athlete. Sproing Training provides:

  • Working with an endurance professional
  • Having an indoor running alternative for drills and exercises
  • Soft surface to add emphasis on stability
  • Increased difficulty and necessary perception to enhance work outSproing vs. Treadmill
Belt moving underneath negates the ability to fall-forward Allows athletes to fall-forward using gravity
Joints take on most of the impact. This is due to athletes being upright, encouraging movement ahead of the body Take impact away from joints and evenly distributes to muscles
Hard surface increases overall impact Soft surface reduces overall impact
Maintains workout pace and stability Increases your workout, adding elements of instability

Select Athletico Physical Therapy locations offer the Sproing Trainer; a revolutionary machine built for cardio, strength, power and balance. Click the button below and enter your address to find one near you!

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