Specialized Services

Our Physical Therapists are experts in motion who treat physical therapy patients of all ages with health-related conditions to reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. As highly trained healthcare professionals, our therapists create personal treatment plans that meet the patient’s healthcare and post-operative rehabilitation needs. We work closely with physicians to return patients to pre-injury levels. Our rehabilitation services keep patients moving forward, so they can return to day-to-day work and recreational activities and remain at their optimal health without further risk of injury.

Specialized Services:

  • 3P Program for ACL Injuries
    • Athletico’s ACL 3P Program, athletes learn how to reduce injury risk, progress through rehabilitation and perform at their highest level.
  • Endurance Rehabilitation
  • Gymnastics and Cheerleading Rehabilitation
    • Gymnasts and cheerleaders are evaluated, treated and educated to prevent competition-related injuries. Athletico Physical Therapy’s proactive approach promotes wellness with rapid recovery from injury and prompt return to activity.
  • Head Injury and Concussion Management
  • Hip Rehabilitation
    • Physical therapy is an option for treatment after a hip replacement, experiencing groin pain, and/or limited motion.
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
    • Athletico pediatric physical therapists work with newborns to young adults to build a comprehensive approach in order for patients to reach their highest level of independence.
  • Performing Arts Rehabilitation
    • We evaluate, treat, and educate artists and athletes in the prevention of performance/event-related injuries. Our proactive approach promotes wellness with safe and efficient injury management to facilitate prompt return to performing, rehearsal, and practice.
  • Spine Specialty Program
    • Expert care is provided to address symptoms, reduce limitations and help eliminate discomfort within the back, spine and neck.
  • Women’s Health Therapy
    • The women’s health team looks to achieve optimal health at every stage of life. Whether it is for preventative or restorative services, Athletico women’s health specialists are the experts women can trust.

Athletico also offers:

  • Aquatic Therapy
    • Properties of water are coupled with traditional physical therapy techniques to provide comprehensive healing. Aquatic Therapy is appropriate for any ability or phase of rehabilitation.
  • Fitness Services
  • Golf Rehabilitation
    • Expertise in golf fitness and golf rehabilitation are used to tend to injured golfers, keep active players active, and work with all golfers on fitness and conditioning to prevent future injury.
  • Massage Therapy
    • Massage therapy is an effective technique in preventative care, as well as general wellness, relaxation, and injury prevention.
  • Men’s Health Therapy
    • The men’s health team looks to achieve optimal health at every stage of life. Whether it is for preventative or restorative services, Athletico men’s health specialists are the experts men can trust.
  • TMD | TMJ
    • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD/TMJ Syndrome), is a term that refers to acute or chronic inflammation of the TMJ. The disorder can result in significant pain and impairment. Athletico’s TMD specialists can help with therapeutic exercises to strengthen and increase motion of the affected area.
  • Video Throwing Analysis
    • There’s more to throwing than just the motion of your arm. Athletico offers a comprehensive approach analyzing movement patterns throughout the entire body.

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