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Stretch of the Week: Chair Lat Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

This week marks the half way point through the month. How are you feeling? Are you keeping up with your stretching? I hope so!

This week’s stretch is chair lat stretch. It’s a great one to do at work if you sit at a desk all day, so take a break! I sometimes will even do this stretch at my kitchen counter 🙂 The only contraindication for this stretch is if you have a shoulder injury where you can not raise the arm overhead without pain. In which case, please refrain from performing this weeks stretch.

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Stretch of the Week: Teres/Lat Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

Week 2 of September is another lat stretch. But it can also get into the teres major and triceps a bit, so it’s a three for one! I just call this a Teres/Lat stretch.You will not need anything for this stretch. The only contraindication for this one is if you have frozen shoulder or can not lift the arm overhead, please refrain from doing it.

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Stretch of the Week: Forearm Twist

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

It’s the third week of August, how are your wrists and forearms feeling!? Looser I hope! This week we will be doing a forearm twist. We have two bones in our forearms, the ulna and the radius, that help us to make that twisting, or supination/pronation, of the forearm. In between these bones are little muscles and when they are tight it’s difficult to make those movements with the arm. This stretch will assist in helping to loosen these muscles as well as the muscles connected to the radius.

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Stretch of the Week: Simple Wrist Flexion Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

Week 2 of August is here! This week we will be doing a simple wrist flexion stretch. This movement will stretch the muscles through the top of the forearm and the top of the hand.

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Stretch of the Week: Wrists and Forearms

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski

Is it August already!? My goodness I can’t believe it! How has you’re summer been so far? Have you been keeping up with stretching your body while you do all these fun activities outdoors!? I hope so 🙂 Lets add some more stretches to what you’ve already been doing.

This month we are stretching out the wrists and forearms! So many of us overuse our hands and arms doing repetitive motions everyday, which can lead to tennis elbow or golfers elbow. Maybe you’ve heard of tendinitis? Maybe you actually have had one of these diagnosis’s yourself. It’s not a pleasant thing to experience and it can last several months or even years if you don’t address it. The stretches provided throughout this month are simple and effective and should be easy to make time for. It will help treat these ailments mentioned above, and also keep those muscles from developing the dreaded it is if you don’t have it!

This first weeks stretch is an extension movement. You will not need any props for this one.

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Injury Prevention Program: OPRF

Posted on by Dave Heidloff

I’ve written before about injury prevention for ankle sprains and knee injuries and I want to show just how effective a basic injury prevention program can be. This past year, Oak Park River Forest (OPRF) High School’s soccer program implemented an ACL injury reduction program known as the FIFA 11+. The FIFA 11+ is a warm-up program that focuses on correcting the most common faulty movement patterns seen in adolescent female athletes. Those faulty movement patterns – knees collapsing inwards, relying too much on your quads, ankle instability, etc – can lead to all of your common soccer injuries like ankle sprains, shin splints, stress fractures, and knee injuries.

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Stretch of the Week: Revolved Triangle

Posted on by allylofgren

I can’t believe it’s the final week of July already! This weeks stretch is a yoga posture called Revolved Triangle. It is a great upper body twist as well as a stretch for the Lateral side of the leg.

You will need some wall space as well as a yoga block (or something similar) for this stretch. Contraindications for this stretch are if you’re experiencing any of the following; Low blood pressure, Migraine, Diarrhea, Headache, and Insomnia please don’t do the stretch.

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Adjusting Your Bicycle to Alleviate Pain

Posted on by Athletico

Due to the repetitive nature of cycling, cyclists are at a higher risk for repetitive stress injuries. Some of these injuries may be caused by an improperly adjusted bicycle. When a bicycle is not ideally adjusted to fit you, you will experience higher levels of stress in certain areas of the body. This will eventually lead to tissue injury and pain. Think of it this way: if you were to use your finger to push on one small area of your skin 10 times, your body is able to adapt to that stress and there is no injury. If you were to push on that same area of your skin 1,000 times, you end up with a bruise, which indicates tissue injury. Read More

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