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Summer Sitting: Tips for Road Trips

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
Whether you are hitting the road for a sports tournament or heading to the lake house, summer is here which means it’s time for summer road trips! It is not uncommon for your body to feel stiff or sore after sitting in the car for long periods, but there are things that can be done to make the ride more comfortable. So before you load up the minivan, take a minute to see how you can keep yourself feeling good on your way to your summer fun! Read More

Stretch of the Week: Bosu® Ball Psoas Stretch

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
We will be performing the Bosu® Ball Psoas Stretch for the fourth week of May! This stretch will target the psoas, hip flexors, abdominals and muscles between the front ribs. Read More

Lifting Tips for New Grandparents

Posted on by Kyle Dodge
As a new grandparent, you have patiently waited years for this opportunity. You've raised your own children and vividly remember all of the milestones. Now you finally have the chance to hold that precious new grandbaby. Read More

Is It Healthier to Play More Than One Sport?

Posted on by Tara Hackney, PT, DPT, OCS, KTTP
There is an estimated 30-45 million school aged kids playing organized sports each year.5  Lately, there has also been a trend of young athletes training for sports at earlier ages and specializing in one sport with a goal of elite status.4 But is it healthier to play more than one sport? Read More

Stretch of the Week: Gate Pose

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
May’s third stretch of the week is taken from yoga, called the Gate Pose. This stretch targets the sides of the body and inner thighs. Read More

Women’s Health: How Healthy is Your Pelvic Core?

Posted on by Tina Christie PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR, 3DMAPS
It seems like everywhere you turn there is a commercial, an advertisement or an article addressing women’s health issues – and for good reason. Many females experience dysfunction with the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System (PCNS). The PCNS includes the respiratory diaphragm at the top, the abdominals at the front, the back/hip muscles at the back and the pelvic floor muscles at the bottom.4 Read More

Bike Fitting Tips for Beginners

Posted on by Britta Gauthier, PT, DPT
As we gear up for summer in the Midwest, more people will turn to biking as a way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. In fact, statistics show that bicycling is growing as a recreational sport, with a 64 percent increase in cyclists traveling to work from 2000-2012.1 Read More

Stretch of the Week: Bosu® Ball Half Splits

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
For the second week of May we will be performing the Bosu® Ball Half Splits Stretch! Remember a Bosu® Ball is being used for added core stability and strength, but you certainly can do this stretch (and all of May’s weekly stretches) without one. Read More
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