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Tips for Protecting the Hands this Thanksgiving

Posted on by Rose McAndrew

For many, Thanksgiving dinner is the largest and most complicated meal produced all year.

Although I’ve been enjoying the spoils of the Thanksgiving meal for years, only recently have I been hosting the holiday for my family. This has helped me realize how physically challenging and laborious it is to cook a meal of this proportion. As a Certified Hand Therapist and aspiring home cook, I wanted to pass on a few tips for protecting our hands during this time of year.

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What to Ask at Your First PT Appointment

Posted on by Athletico

After receiving a referral for physical therapy, it is likely that you left the doctor’s office feeling confident that you have a diagnosis and are on your way to getting back to doing the things you love.

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Fired Up About PT Month? Take Action! (Infographic)

Posted on by Athletico

grant-kosterBy Grant Koster, PT, ATC, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations

As National Physical Therapy Month comes to an end, it is a great time for those within the industry to reflect on what they want to contribute to the profession in the upcoming year.

I recently returned from both the ASCEND conference and APTA –PPS meeting, and after multiple talks and collaborative conversations, I can honestly say that the physical therapy profession is alive and well! I was energized with the passion I witnessed and the thought leadership that accompanies these conferences.

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3 PT Success Stories

Posted on by Athletico

To celebrate National Physical Therapy Month, Athletico is highlighting the positive impact that physical therapists have on people’s lives.

From athletes trying to recover from injury to patients looking to regain mobility post-surgery, physical therapists are key members of the health care process. Not only do they provide patients with the information needed to make a recovery, but they oftentimes act as motivators throughout the process.

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Plantar Fasciitis: Causes and Treatment Options

Posted on by Jessica Doporcyk, PT, DPT

Are you suffering from pain at the bottom of the heel? It is important to identify when symptoms occur, where they occur and what the symptoms feel like in order to classify the pain as plantar fasciitis (PF).

Common PF symptoms include pain with initial steps in the morning, pain with steps after prolonged rest and pain that is relieved with activity. Many patients wonder, what is causing these symptoms and why are they occurring? Also, how can physical therapy help relieve these symptoms? Discover the answer to these questions below.

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5 Tips for Better Physical Therapy Results

Posted on by Athletico

Many patients are excited when beginning their physical therapy journey – and for good reason.

Not only is physical therapy a high-reward, low-risk solution for many different health conditions, but it can also help patients improve their overall well-being. That said, it can be very easy to get off-track when starting a new physical therapy program, as missing one appointment can set progress back.

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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Fall

Posted on by Athletico

Autumn is officially here and it is one of the best times of the year to be active outdoors.

Not only are the temperatures more comfortable this time of year – making it more enjoyable to exercise outside – but there are also many autumn-specific activities that you can take advantage of to get your body up and moving. Plus, staying active is a good habit to form before the holiday season arrives, as your home is likely to be full of delicious (but not-so-healthy) food in November and December.

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Q&A: National Physical Therapy Month

Posted on by Athletico

Every October we celebrate National Physical Therapy Month as a way to recognize the industry and the positive impact physical therapy has on people’s lives.

We reached out to Athletico’s Founder and President Mark Kaufman to get some insight into the physical therapy industry, including how it has changed since Athletico was founded and where it is heading in the next five years. Discover Mark’s insights by checking out the Q&A below:

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