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3 Reason to See a PT When You’re Not Injured

Posted on by Athletico
For most people, physical therapy is only considered after an injury or surgical procedure. Unlike medical doctors, dentists and eye doctors, people do not consider going to a physical therapist for yearly check-ups. However, if you are training for a particular event, interested in finding out your injury risk level for specific sports, want to improve your balance or are considering seeking preventative care to decrease risk of age-related issues, physical therapy may be the best option to consider. Physical therapists are trained to be movement experts. They evaluate their patients based on functional movement screens, strength testing, range of motion measurements and special tests to determine muscular deficiencies and imbalances. Discussing goals during your first session with your therapist will allow for performance of a specific exam and creation of a unique exercise program built for you. Here are three reasons you may want to consider seeing a physical therapist even though you may not be in pain or have an injury. (more…)

What I Love About Being a Physical Therapist

Posted on by Tanner Neuberger, PT, DPT, TDN Level 1
I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I have been in practice for over three years and I have loved every minute of it. There are many aspects of my job that I love, and I am finding new things about it that I love all the time. It is a career that has allowed me to combine many of my interests into one: helping people, fitness, healthcare, anatomy and much more. I have even had the opportunity to help students with their therapy careers and serve as a clinical instructor. Everyone has different reasons for why they love being a PT, and here are mine. (more…)

9 Exercises to Strengthen Your Neck & Shoulders

Posted on by Athletico
We are fortunate to have the modern advances and the benefits of electronic devices, remote education and networking, cushioned seats and postural supportive office chairs. All these things have become increasingly more abundant in our daily lives, however, the detriment of longer commutes, hours working on a laptop and evenings slouched or reclining on the couch in the company of televisions, tablets, and smartphones can often contribute to an increased tendency for neck pain, “tightness,” and muscle dysfunction. (more…)

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report 2020: Week 6

Posted on by Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, Astym Cert.
This past week of the 2020 football season was a bad one for a couple of starting quarterbacks who ended up sustaining injuries. To help you navigate these injuries ahead of week 6, we are sharing tips from Athletico’s Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, in our weekly Fantasy Football Injury Report. (more…)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Physical Therapist

Posted on by Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, Astym Cert.
Did you know physical therapists can treat patients with headaches? Or did you know that physical therapists now receive a doctorate level education? Continue reading to discover ten things you didn’t know about your physical therapist. (more…)

How Physical Therapy Can Get You Stronger for Your Next Marathon

Posted on by Athletico
The running landscape has changed quite a bit as a result of the global pandemic. Running a marathon, even virtually, is perhaps one of the most challenging accomplishments that a person may embark on in their lifetime, requiring both physical and mental strength. During training and on race day, physical limitations are pushed to the brink via muscular and respiratory fatigue. Mental willpower is tested as oftentimes you keep going when everything else in your body is telling you to “stop.” Preparation is paramount for success in running a marathon, and though choosing a correct endurance plan and running group is important, there are other components that will help you run your next 26.2-mile journey with even greater success. (more…)

3 Ways to Increase Your Well-Being during the Pandemic

Posted on by Paige Gibbens, PT, DPT
Physical activity is important now more than ever with trends in COVID-19 cases being related to chronic illness. Physical activity not only helps with preventing chronic disease, it also improves daily life and mental health. By staying active, you are able to maintain and improve your range of motion and strength to perform the activities that make up your day. Here are three recommendations to help increase your health and well-being while staying at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. (more…)

Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report 2020: Week 5

Posted on by Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, Astym Cert.
As fantasy football players enter week 5 of the football season, many are scrambling to fill gaps left in their roster due to injuries and bye weeks. To help you decide who to start and who to sit this week, Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT provides the following tips in our weekly Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report. (more…)
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