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Shin Splints: Who is at Risk?

Posted on by Amanda DiGangi
From basketball players in the NCAA tournament to middle age runners on the sidewalk, who is at risk and why? If you have lived an active lifestyle, participated in sports or even follow sports you’ve probably heard of or experienced ‘shin splints’ at some point. But what are shin splints? In the physical therapy world, it is referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

Read More

I Run. Why do I need to strengthen, especially the legs?

Posted on by Dorothy Cohee
As runners, we need to do more than just run. Without strength training, injuries are more likely to occur even when using good running form. Statistics vary but state anywhere from 20-80% of runners are injured annually1. Many of these are overuse injuries and often occur because runners are not listening to their bodies and continually doing prehab. Read More

Skier’s Thumb

Posted on by Laura Jenkins
Skier's Thumb, Gamekeeper's Thumb..... Baseball Player's Thumb? Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries of the Thumb:  An injury for all seasons. Read More

Stretch of the Week: Figure 4

Posted on by Rachel Lackowski
The second week of March is all about reducing stiffness throughout the hip region. Sometimes low back pain can be a result of hip tightness. It may also contribute to movement dysfunction, nerve compression and symptoms in to the thigh and lower leg. Read More

Growth Plate Issues: What to look for and how to make the pain go away?

Posted on by Pam Lasky
Growth plate injuries account for 15% of all skeletal injuries in children and occur twice as often in boys. Besides the occasional bump or bruise, children should not complain of regular pain. If your child comes to you concerned with new aches and pains; take a moment to run through a checklist that might help our healthcare professionals help you even better. Read More

Hot topics Regarding Overhead Throwing From This Year’s ASMI Conference

Posted on by Paul Kohler, MS, OTR/L, CHT
The American Sports Medicine Institute’s Annual Conference on sports injuries was held on January 29-31st of this year.  In its 34th year, this particular conference focused primarily on the health, safety and treatment of overhead throwing athletes, with emphasis on baseball pitchers.   Read More

Wound Care Myths

Posted on by Amanda Buchanan
We’re in the midst of wrestling season for most high schools, which means lots of wound care for us Athletico athletic trainers. We often encounter a lot of myths or old wives’ tales on this subject that unfortunately keep getting perpetuated. Read More

A Brief Overview of Dupuytren’s Disease

Posted on by Rose McAndrew
We take for granted our body's ability to heal itself by laying down scar tissue.  When we have a paper cut, we can simply clean the wound and a week later, there is little evidence of the original injury, as our body creates and lays down connective tissue to close the wound.  Read More
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