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Armando Trinidad

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and due to illness, I became wheelchair/scooter bound. My story in a nutshell; I got diagnosed with MS in Oct. ‘14. I was able to walk but on crutches at that time. In Jan. ‘17, I suffered a grand mal seizure that lasted a complete 45 minutes due to medication I was taking to treat my MS. That completely took all the little strength I had.

I started my therapy at Athletico Rolling Meadows, IL with Ron. With hard work and dedication, I started to gain my strength back and even started walking better and properly bend my knees when took steps because both my knees were really hyperextend. In Oct. ‘18 I suffered 3rd degree burns on both of my legs. That’s when I became wheelchair/scooter bound. 4 months inpatient, 7 surgeries, I never thought I would be able to walk again because I thought my legs would not be able to carry my weight due to all the surgeries and skin grafts. But guess what mi gente, I’m walking! I overcame a lot of obstacles but I’m a warrior and never gave up! Thank you Ron, thank you Athletico for having such an essential member of your company.

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