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Kathy Furtek

Running for a cure was what my sister and I and our kids decided to do last October of 2018. We were raising money for the American Diabetes Association which our Dad had been dealing with for over 65 years. Running a half marathon was something I thought I could never do and running that many miles over a three month training period was very rigorous.

The aches and pains were something I was used to having since I have Lupus and RA. However, one particular pain in my lower left leg kept bothering me. I was on such a high from finishing my first half marathon that I chose to ignore it. This proved to be not a wise decision on my part. In February 2019 at my orthopedic doctor’s appointment I was diagnosed with a lower tibia stress fracture. This was devastating news having to be in a walking boot for 8 weeks or more. After a long period of not running and resting my leg, I was sent for physical therapy at Athletico New Lenox East and was back with the most amazing therapist, Mike W. I thought I would never be able to get back into running again. Many days I was so frustrated with the slow healing process and if all the work was worth doing. With Mike’s skills and encouragement during the seemingly endless amount of PT sessions, I am happy to say that I am running again!

What a great place to do therapy and with such awesome therapists, thank you!

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