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Tess Eckhoff

My ACL tear last year couldn’t have happened at a worse time. No, there’s no “good” time for a major injury, especially for someone whose brand new job included quite a bit of travel. An unlucky landing in a late night soccer game stood between me and walking down the aisle at my own wedding. Thanks to Dr. Bowers at Athletico-New Albany, not only did I rehab sooner than expected – and not only walk down the aisle – but I was able to dance at my wedding (no heels though!)

I have also returned to playing soccer, as well as sand volleyball. I’ve picked up hiking and cycling as new sports, both of which have included many milestone achievements, including riding 100 miles in Pelotonia last weekend. This accomplishment was extra special because I’d planned to sign up for 50 miles the year I tore my ACL. Dr. Bowers advised against it at that stage in my recovery, so I made up for lost time this year by doubling my distance. I’m not sure where I’d be without him and the rest of the amazing team at Athletico-New Albany!

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