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Brian Kolz

I broke my right wrist in two places while working out. It was determined I needed to have surgery to insert a metal plate to prevent further bone drop, and my wrist taking on a set. I elected to go through with the surgery. It was deemed a success. After a post op visit, my doctor recommended I go to Athletico in Vernon Hills, IL for occupational therapy. This location has a CHT (Certified Hand Therapist).

I could not have been more impressed with the people at this location, but more so with Maggie Moraw (CHT), who performed all my therapy. At my request, I asked for an aggressive regiment to get my range of motion back, as well as strength in my wrist, as quickly as possible. Maggie did that and so much more. She educated me along the way, keeping me fully informed on my progress or sometimes minor setbacks, and why I was having them. I have never felt so comfortable with a therapist as I did with Maggie.

I have shared my experience with countless people, telling them if they had a need for this type of therapy I would hook them up. I even had my son go there to get treated for a shoulder injury by Justin. Top notch!! These people treat their clients with the utmost respect and compassion.

It was unfortunate to break my wrist, but so blessed to have the doctors I had (Dr. Mark Neault – Orthopedic and Dr. Marcus Talerico – Hand Surgeon), as well as the follow up care I received from Maggie Moraw. Literally could not ask for anything better!!! THANK YOU !!!

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