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Mary Beth Stout

December 2023 patient of the month

Mary Beth’s journey began with our Monee team upwards of two years ago when two failed rotator cuff repairs left her with significant strength and motion deficits. Mary Beth also suffered a stroke that affected her right side which lead to significant laxity through many of her joints. She underwent a reverse total shoulder surgery and got to work with physical therapy.

Throughout her course of care, Mary Beth saw improved shoulder mobility, which allowed her to make positive changes in other areas of her life that lead to a healthier lifestyle overall. With this newfound mobility and restored function, she took the initiative to lose weight to further decrease excess stress to her joints and is now more active and mobile when completing all of her daily activities.

Mary Beth has been able to return to normalized activities without pain, including reaching to hang clothing when doing laundry, reaching into a cabinet to retrieve plateware, carry items without pain or apprehension, work through playing the bells at practice without pain or fatigue, reach to hit the button to close the trunk of her SUV, and feels stronger than she has in over two years!

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