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Felicia Walden

Athletico POM April 2023

I came to Athletico Zionsville under the direct referral from my physiatrist. I started working with Sarah immediately and set goals. Sarah was able to explain what was going on with my body when specialists were unable to figure it out, even with MRI imaging and exams. Their office was always able to get me in on an urgent basis when setbacks would happen to help reduce pain immediately. As time went on, Sarah and I began to realize something was not right. Other regions of my body began to have injuries without cause. I started to see several specialists while I continued to see Sarah on a regular basis. After almost 6 months of my health deteriorating, I ended up hospitalized for unknown significant weakness. At this point even the sub-specialist did not know what was going on. It was at this point that Sarah came to me with a possible diagnosis. However, with her suggestion came hope again! I underwent a major surgery and immediately started to see results within days! Now I am continuing to heal and my health is starting to return. This would never have been possible without my PT Sarah, I owe her my health, life and the gratitude of my family to have their wife and mother back!

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