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Thiri Haubrich

I had seen my primary care physician because of chronic lower back pain that would extend down to the back of my thigh. After months on steroids, pain/anti-inflammatory medications and not feeling any relief, the last step before possible surgery was physical therapy. I had had microdiscectomy 10 years ago and was sure I’d be going through that experience again. Not confident that physical therapy would help I still went. Nikolai at the Paddock Lake facility took the time to assess my pain, daily lifestyle and goals. He came up with a plan and we started meeting twice a week. I was pleasantly surprised and actually amazed that my pain was getting better. He knew exactly what the root cause of my pain was. He made me feel like we were in the journey to recovery together and that made my sessions fun! After about 2 months of twice a week sessions I am pain free. Nikolai discharged me and made sure I left with print outs of exercises I would continue on my own. This was a great experience and I’m still in awe that we avoided surgery. He knows what he’s doing! Thank you for giving me back my quality of life.

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