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Kristen Trukova

February 2024 patient of the month

I spoke with Lisa prior to my double knee replacement as I wasn’t sure I could handle such a large surgery. She assured me that she and her team at would do everything to support me. Afterwards, the therapy was difficult, but Lisa and her team were so positive and caring, giving me specific goals and coaching me on proper form during the exercises. I truly felt cared for by the team at Athletico Gurnee North and was able to go back to work in just six weeks. I got back to work, the gym, and even did a mountain hike just three months after my surgery.

I love playing tennis and could not play after my injury in November of 2022. I was able to play tennis by October of 2023 after my surgery. I was also able to ski with my kids last month after six years due to pain.

My goal is to play again with the tennis league this summer. I have played in that league for 10 years but had to take off last year due to recovery from surgery and rebuilding fitness.

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