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Rick Kron

While trying to throw out a runner stealing 2nd base, I ruptured my flexor pronator tendon off my elbow. Add insult to injury, he was safe. This happened in the first inning and there was no one else to catch, so I played the rest of the game (12 innings). I couldn’t even throw a ball back to the pitcher very well. I guess the other team was being nice and no one else tried to steal.

I had the Guinness World Record Marathon Baseball game coming up in May of 2017. I had surgery the first week of January. Post-surgery, I immediately began rehab with Sue. Picking up beans out of a can and placing them in another. I kept thinking, how does this do anything? I was going to rehab 3 times a week and as time went on, they were having an effect. Graduating to putty, riding the air dyne, pegs, weights, the grip machine and finally starting to throw the weighted ball. I was excited when I reached that point, I knew the end was near. So after 4 months of 3x per week sessions, Athletico South County and Sue got me on the field and made me a world record holder.

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