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Joseph Weber

I was a little skeptical about physical therapy as I had a bad experience years ago. Half the hour was spent with a heating pad on my back. I could do that at home. But, I went to Athletico with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. I went four weeks with two sessions a week. Erin was my therapist with help from Brittany. We would start with a massage from Erin of my back, leg and ankle. Then I went through a series of exercises and stretching. It was different every session with no repetition, which worked out perfect in the end. I walked out of there on graduation day feeling like a new man. I truly would recommend Athletico Rockford East to anyone seeking some real action packed healing. I am able to walk or be on my feet without pain. The arthritis in my lower back feels much better to the point where I can start to eliminate taking opioids after two years.

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