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Grace Gau

I live in Chicago, but decided to shelter-in-place in Fort Worth where I was visiting right when the COVID-19 outbreak became more serious. I knew it was best to refrain from travelling back home (and excited to quarantine in better weather), but needed to continue my physical therapy and healing process. Telehealth was the perfect solution for me; Athletico Gold Coast, where I was originally being seen in Chicago, IL, helped connect me with Jill, PT at the Athletico Colleyville, Texas location who could continue to treat me remotely. After a car ran over my foot, it has taken months for not only the broken bone to heal but also my ankle and all injured foot muscles. Our telehealth PT sessions have helped me transition back to walking, moving, and working out normally, as well as rebuilding my strength and stamina. Thanks Athletico for being so flexible and tech-savvy!

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