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Jeff Surdej

Athletico patient of the month November 2022

I have been a competitive water skier for 38 years with 13 national titles. Part of what I do as a water skier is long-distance jumping which is rough on the back on landings. In 2021 I was diagnosed with bone-on-bone severe degenerative disc disease. I took the season off and when starting back up in 2022 I felt my back again. I was certain my career was over at 45 years old and had to contemplate retirement from what I love. But my doctor recommended therapy at Athletico Wilmington and it saved my career after just six weeks of therapy. I was able to jump with no pain and do many things in my life without lower back pain. I went on to win nationals in jump and claimed my first world medal at the senior world championships in France. A dream come true. I cannot thank the staff at Athletico in Wilmington for all they did and to give me the hope that with hard work and therapy and exercise that I can function and live a normal and athletic life. Thank you!

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