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Danielle Doucette

April 2016 – Patient of the Month

Ankle Injury

Danielle Doucette

Athletico has been a part of my life for over 14 months, due to several collegiate soccer injuries. The first was a back injury, resulting in a two month rehabilitation process. I returned to practice, and sprained my ankle. This brought me back to Craig Becknell at Athletico’s Milwaukee Eastside location. What was thought to be a typical sprain, left my doctors, Athletic Trainers, and Craig stumped! The pain in my ankle was decreasing with treatment, but it was not returning to full mobility and function.

After a few months of physical therapy, the doctor decided to go ahead and have an arthroscopic surgery on my ankle. Post-surgery, I returned to Athletico Physical Therapy. Again, Craig provided a comprehensive treatment plan, complete with home exercises. Basic soccer skills were progressing, but my ankle was not able to return to full function when running.

Eventually, an arthroscopic surgery for the posterior ankle was needed. My os trigonum (small bone behind the ankle joint) was removed. The doctor believes this to be the cause of pain and limited function since the original ankle sprain in 2014. I look forward to this being the final fix and couldn’t have done it without the help of Athletico’s Milwaukee Eastside location. The entire staff has become a second family to me! I look forward to completing treatment, and accomplishing my rehabilitation goals with their support! Special thanks to Craig and the entire Athletico Physical Therapy staff for working to return me to the soccer field!

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