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Carolyn Thomas

I am a retired attorney who lives an active life centered around four (4) grandchildren under the age of 13. I was devastated when I fractured my right humerus during an exercise regimen at the beginning of the summer. I was afraid that the injury had permanently altered my life. More than one person told me that at my age, close to 70, the bone would not heal completely and I would not get my strength back.

After wearing a cast for six weeks, I began physical therapy at Athletico Evanston South. From the moment that I called to make an appointment to the first time I walked through the doors, I felt that I had made the right choice of facility. There were college athletes through senior citizens rehabbing injuries and everyone was treated with great respect in a very pleasant atmosphere. I had a sense that the staff really enjoys their work.

I was concerned about going to any facility during this summer of COVID-19, but since I had no equipment at home, I did not believe that Telehealth was an option. I was thrilled to see how seriously the office took my safety and well-being. My temperature was always taken at the door and I was asked how I was feeling. More importantly, there was constant cleaning of all equipment before and after use.

Dan was my physical therapist and from the very beginning, I believed that he was as invested in my success and healing as I was. Dan is knowledgeable, organized, and tenacious in challenging me to achieve my goals. You couple that with his compassionate, kind and encouraging spirit. Every session began with him asking if I had any questions, and he patiently addressed them all. When I went to my doctor for my last follow-up visit and x-ray, he was incredibly pleased with my progress. I believe that the flexibility of my right shoulder is even better than it was before I broke my arm.

In addition to Dan, the rest of the staff was topnotch. I was greeted by my first name every time I entered the facility, and not just from behind the front desk, but by others who had worked with me. I did not get to know everyone, but I have a special shout out to Joanna, Jackie, Sophia, and Anthony.

I hope that you never have a need for physical therapy. However, if you do, I highly recommend the facility, staff, and services at Athletico-Evanston South.

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