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Brooke Bloedorn

Hip Pain

Milwaukee Eastside Clinic

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I am a dancer and love physical fitness. I was experiencing a lot of hip pain, but was very active. My future revolves around my dance training, so I knew I needed to deal with this pain as soon as possible before it got worse. I went to Athletico because I had heard wonderful things about it. At first I was experiencing a lot of pain, but i worked on strengthening my TFL muscles with exercises that my Physical Therapist gave me. She was very detailed and provided me with a variety of strengthening exercises as well as many stretches that helped me to relieve my hip pain. Each week I was able to gain strength and find relief. I felt very comfortable doing my exercises and stretches at home. I even started doing some in my work office and my colleagues joined me! I also enjoyed my time at Athletico getting to know the physical therapists as well as th e clients there. I had a very positive experience. I feel that I have made about a 98% progress in my recovery process. I am becoming more active now that I am finding relief and am using an Athletico foam roll to continue my progress. I know that Athletico is only a call and walk away if I ever need anything.

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