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Athletico Patient of the Month March 2022

I first found out about Athletico from my co-worker. He shared his experience and how Athletico really helped his knee injury. I drove past Athletico daily on my trip to work. At that time, I was experiencing some severe pain in my lower back. However, I went to quite a few doctors with no success. So, one day I stopped by Athletico. When I walked in, I was hunched over in severe pain, barely able to walk. That is when I had my first encounter with Allie.

Allie was super nice, very informative and very concerned about my pain. Allie had me take a seat and came right around the desk to sit and talk with me. She got me all set up for my first appointment, and that is when I met Jordan. He was super nice and communicated to me what we would be doing, which exercises we would work on and was very encouraging. After I left Athletico for my initial assessment I slowly walked out of the door hunched over in severe pain thinking I had tried everything, and nothing was going to take my pain away so I might as well get surgery. Day two I returned to Athletico and had my session with Jordan, and he remained very positive and continued to encourage me.

As time went on, I began to notice that I was slowly but surely feeling better as the days and weeks passed. I wasn’t hunched over anymore, and I was actually able to walk and jog. Jordan continued to work with me to achieve my goals. As I attended my sessions, I met other wonderful workers.

What I love the most about Athletico Bloomfield Hills is that they operate like a team and they want the very best for you. They really cheer you on at each session. Hands down they are the absolute best. I highly recommend Athletico and this location. Thank you, I will never forget you guys for helping me and for keeping me from having surgery on my back.

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