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Steven Reynolds

July 2023 Patient of the Month

I was diagnosed with a nerve degeneration disorder called NMO which has caused spasticity and reduced use of the muscle in my legs and arms. I had been to physical therapy appointments at another major hospital in Dayton Ohio, but what a difference Athletico Dayton North has been. The Physical Therapists here were very patient and very willing to listen and know my concerns. I was always given someone to assist and monitor the activities that I had to do. The assistant never drifted away as to let me know I was occupying time they would rather be doing something else and I always seemed to be the only thing that matter in that time and in that space. The PT always gave me opinion on how I did that session and what I could expect to do the next session, to continue with the present course or if additional routines could be added.

I was so happy with the people, that I couldn’t wait to go to the next session. Great care was always taken and I was always made to feel like an individual and not just another number to be marked off. I can walk further than before without the use of my cane. I have more stability when I do walk, after the instructions and techniques the PT’s have given me and with seeing the improvement in my ability to move around, I don’t even mind the exercises that I am continuing to do at home each day. Those people became friends, and I will always remember the faces and voices that made this chapter of my life enjoyable.

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