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Gina Biernacki

Knee Pains

Oct2015_BiernackiI signed up to run my first marathon – the Chicago Marathon last year, October 2014. I decided to run on the American Cancer Society’s team and exceeded my fundraising goal of $1500 for the organization. About halfway through training, I began experiencing sharp knee pain and couldn’t run more than 6 miles without intense pain. I fell behind in my work outs and couldn’t keep up with my training group.

After a complimentary injury screening with Athletico Physical Therapy, I was referred to my doctor, who then prescribed physical therapy. With the help of my physical therapist, Melissa, at Athletico’s Michigan Avenue location in Chicago, we came up with an individualized treatment plan that would assist with meeting my endurance goals. My weekly program consisted of many stretches and strength training exercises, allowing me get back on track with my training group pain-free. After about 5 weeks of rehab, I was able to join my original pace group for our last few long runs. All completed without knee pain! With Melissa’s help, I was able to put my hard work to the test at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!


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