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Tony Simpkins

Athletico November POM

Prostate Cancer – I couldn’t believe it. Although my doctor found a high PSA during my annual physical, I assumed it wasn’t a problem. My dad had an elevated PSA and had it checked out, and it was just an enlarged prostate. So, I was expecting the same. However, three days after my retirement, my urologist told me that I had an aggressive form of prostate cancer and was sending me to a surgeon.

For the next three months, I did a lot of waiting for appointments, had several scans, and had multiple discussions with my doctors. Fortunately, all the scans showed the cancer was isolated to my prostate, so we decided to remove the prostate. My surgeon explained that urinary incontinence is a common side effect of prostate removal surgery, but it usually disappears. He also recommended that I start doing daily Kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and reduce leakage.

Although we had discussed it, I was not ready for urinary leakage following my surgery. I continued my Kegel exercises but went through 8 – 10 pads daily. I was also getting up multiple times a night to change my clothes. At my monthly follow-up, I discussed this with my surgeon, who also thought it was excessive, and he referred me to Athletico for pelvic floor therapy.

A few days later, I visited the Pickerington, Ohio, location for my initial assessment. Hannah greeted me and helped me with my initial paperwork. She was great and so welcoming and friendly. I appreciated her warmth and helping nature. After we completed the paperwork, I met with Sarah for the physical assessment. Sarah took her time with me and listened to me. I had been to physical therapy, so I knew the routine. However, I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to hear from me and was concerned with hearing from me before she physically assessed my issues and developed an action plan and a list of goals for my recovery.

Sarah scheduled me for two sessions a week for the next eight weeks. These sessions would be split between Sarah and Ashley, another therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy. Sarah and Ashley explained that pelvic floor therapy was more than the Kegel exercises. They explained that most core exercises would strengthen the pelvic floor. Besides incontinence, I also had some weakness in my left leg, most likely caused by some of my nerves being impacted by the surgery.

Over the next eight weeks, Sarah and Ashley developed exercise routines focused on my legs and pelvic floor. Over that time, I had less leakage. They listened to me and wanted to ensure they answered all my questions. Although I still have some incontinence, I am sleeping through the night and only using two pads daily on average. Sarah worked with me to develop an exercise routine that I could continue at my local gym and home to continue my recovery.

I can’t say enough about the staff at my local Athletico. Everyone I met there was great. I have already told many friends and family about these wonderful people. I truly appreciate everything they did for me and would highly recommend them. I only wished I had started with them before my surgery.

In conclusion, my life is getting back to normal, and I am now enjoying my retirement.

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