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Andrea Weber

August 2020 patient of the month

In January of this year, I took a nasty fall on ice and broke not just 1 bone, but 3 in my leg and ankle called a trimalleolar fracture. I had to have surgery, ended up with a few plates and 14 screws to put it back together. At 6 weeks post-surgery, I was able to start physical therapy just to learn how to wiggle my toes, move my ankle, and get a little range of motion back again. At 11 weeks, I was clear to put weight on it and stand for the first time. Day by day, session by session, I kept working on more movement, strengthening my muscles and bones again and getting back to walking finally! It has been a very long road but I cannot thank Amy at the Athletico Menomonee Falls, WI clinic enough!

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