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Paul Koenig

October 2016: Patient of the Month

Paul Koenig

Marathon Runner
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Athletico patient of the month October 2016A little over a year ago while training for my first marathon I developed a stress fracture in my leg. This injury caused me to discover physical therapy as a profession, Athletico as a company, and Jodi Yorke as my go to physical therapist.

After healing my fracture I began to run again under Jodi’s supervision. Everything went well until this spring, when the pain returned to that leg again. Recovery went from straightforward to frustrating and at this point, Jodi’s endless determination and encouragement kept me going. With continuing pain, I considered letting my Chicago Marathon deferment lapse and try again another year. Jodi had another plan, based on her experience, positive attitude, and encouragement, I registered; confident we would work to achieve this goal. Jodi attended doctor’s visits to work to ensure my progression continued.

With Jodi’s suggestion, I attended a running clinic at one of Athletico’s Naperville locations. It was here, I discovered my running form could change to focus on forefoot running. Jodi Collaborated with Athletico endurance specialist, Carson to retrain my stride and steady my pace, pain free.  I was impressed with the depth of knowledge both physical therapists provided. Time was short but my running was 100 percent perfected. Jodi kept me moving with prompt responses to emails and texts, by assisting with next steps and keeping my overtraining in check. Most importantly, I appreciated Jodi and Caron’s encouragement, making me feel that my goal was not just a possibility, but a reality. My completion of the Chicago Marathon in 2015 was bittersweet. In addition to being a Chicago marathon finisher, I became a graduate of Athletico Physical Therapy, with an offer from Jodi to stop by anytime! I look forward to knocking some time off my next marathon with Jodi continued support and expertise. 

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